AAA Electric Company provides many services for its diverse customer requirements.


AAA Electric Company works with residential customers, providing simple repair of existing circuits, relighting of existing homes, ceiling fan installation, and major rewiring of existing facilities.  If you desire residential electrical assistance of any size, new or existing, call us for a free cost estimate.


AAA Electric Company is qualified and experienced in serving the needs of its industrial customers, including oil refinery and pipeline operations, industrial material manufacturing, handling and control.  Just a few of the services we proved are:


       I.  Power distribution up to 15 KV


               A.  Terminations


               B. Testing - Hi Pot


       II.  Data and Communications


               A.  Fiber Optic cabling, single and multi-mode


                       1.  Terminations


                       2.  Testing


               B.  Cat V and Cat VI


                       1.  Cabling and terminations


                       2.  Testing

AAA Electric Company is involved in commercial electrical installations, both with new and remodel.


AAA Electric Company welcomes the opportunity to work with you in evaluating maintenance, retro-fit of lighting or energy-savings for your operation, and has a history of commercial electrical installation in the Amarillo area, including retail stores, public schools, office buildings, restaurants and medical facilities. 


We can also service and maintain parking lot lighting and landscape lighting; we welcome your call regarding any commercial requirements you may have.


If  your requirements are industrial power, lighting, control/automation installations, please call us.  We look forward to the opportunity to serve your industrial requirements.

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