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AAA Electric provides many services for its diverse customer requirements.


RESIDENTIAL: AAA Electric works with residential customers, providing simple repair of existing circuits, lighting upgrades of existing homes, ceiling fan installation, panel and service upgrades as well as major rewiring of existing homes.  If you are in need of professional residential electrical assistance of any size, new or existing, please contact us.

DIGGER DERRICK/POLE LINE/BUCKET TRUCK: AAA Electric has a digger truck to excavate concrete or pole bases for 18”, 24” and 30” in diameter at a depth of up to 9’ deep. We also have bucket trucks that have a 45’ working height to maintain and service pole and building lighting systems and to work on other systems at height. These trucks give us the ability to   set wooden and metal poles and service meter poles.


INDUSTRIAL: AAA Electric is qualified and experienced in serving the needs of its industrial customers, including railroad, government, pipeline operations, manufacturing and refining. Our company is trained in power distribution up to 15kV including terminations and testing,. We also provide telecommunications, data and fiber optic installations as well as terminations and testing. If  your requirements are industrial power, lighting, control/automation installations, please contact us.  We look forward to the opportunity to serve your industrial requirements.

COMMERCIAL: AAA Electric welcomes the opportunity to work with you in evaluating preventative maintenance needs, LED lighting upgrades or energy-savings for your operation, and has a history of commercial electrical installation in the Amarillo area, including business offices, grocery stores, retail spaces, public schools and colleges, office buildings, restaurants and medical facilities. We can also service and maintain parking lot lighting and landscape lighting; we welcome your call regarding any commercial requirements you may have.

LIGHTNING PROTECTION SYSTEMS: AAA Electric is listed with Underwriters Laboratory for lightning protection system installations and has UL trained Journeyman level installers for any of your LPS repairs or projects.

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10001 S. FM 1541
(S. Washington St.)
Amarillo, TX 79118
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